Your team building in Spa

Our hotel offers you the opportunity to organize your team building in Spa. To do this, we offer you different rooms and activities so that you can have the best experience during your event. Our hotel also offers you various catering and beverage options. Restaurant, walking dinner, banquet... all options are possible.

Feel free to check out our different rooms to get an idea of the various possibilities.

A magical moment for your team building in Spa

Well known in the field of magic with a touch of originality, In the Air is the indispensable magic duo for your event. Between magic and technology, these magicians offer you an incredible and totally unique experience for your team building in Spa. In the Air offers you different formulas adapted to your needs.

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A mentalist experience for your team building in Spa

Benjamin Ghislain, mentalist, offers you an interactive and playful performance for an unusual experience during your team building in Spa. Discover more about the human brain and its powers. Also learn about the powers of the body in communication. Benjamin Ghislain offers you different formulas and services, each more magical than the other.

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An evening show and cabaret atmosphere

Ruby Colibri is a complete and unique artist in her own right. With an inimitable Old Hollywood and Frenchy style, Ruby takes you with her into her universe of feathers and sequins. If for you, the perfect team building is a dinner show, then look no further: we have found the perfect artist for you. Singer, dancer, showgirl or burlesque stripper, Ruby Colibri masters the art of cabaret to perfection.

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A team building in Spa by pros:

Are you looking for a touch of creativity and emotion for your team building? Then Ready Steady definitely has what you need! Specialized in organizing team buildings and event animation around tasting, Ready Steady is a team of enthusiasts who will concoct a surprising gastronomic activity for you! Discover the exciting world of zythology, œnology, or chocolate through a fun and friendly team building.

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